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Our Mission

To provide the best value in Direct Mail Production by consistently meeting our commitments, providing outstanding quality and customer service, and doing so at a fair price. To gain market share by developing partnerships with customers and suppliers that will ensure lasting relationships. To provide an easy, pleasurable, satisfying experience for our customers that will make them want to come back time and time again.

Talent, Technology & Tools

For three decades, we have been honing our direct marketing talents and experience for clients across the country and projects of every size and scope.
Over this time, we have refined our direct mail technology and tools to offer smoothly integrated, expert services – which come through for you even during peak loads and tight deadlines.
We offer hundreds of experienced professionals, utilizing the best in processing, production, and mailing equipment. With all we bring to a project, our range of direct mail resources is almost limitless.

Yes, We Do That

The Mail Bag works on projects of all sizes, for publishers, non-profit associations, fundraisers, financial services, cause and advocacy groups, political organizations and more.